Style and smiles from our home to yours!

Little B + Me is inspired by the love I have for my one and only little, Bodhi and my late mother who was a successful Etsypreneur herself.

When I was in my third trimester with B, my mom became very ill and was placed on life support due to liver and kidney failure. I suddenly found myself traveling back and forth between Seattle and Boston to be by her side over the course of what would become several very long months.

During those long days in the ICU we talked about many things. Predominantly the anticipation of her first grandson and our excitement over all the projects we were coordinating for his arrival. It gave us both something positive to focus on and gave her the motivation she needed to continue fighting for her life.

By late March things were looking up. A much needed liver transplant was imminent and B's due date was quickly approaching. By that point, I was becoming more and more uncomfortable making the 5 hour flight back and forth to Boston, so mom insisted that I return home to Seattle to get ready for B's arrival.

On March 25th we shared "I love you's" complete with baby bump rubs and tears as we said our goodbyes. She told me that she could not wait to meet B over the summer when she would finally be at home recuperating from her transplant.

I left her with an optimistic sense of relief that everything was going to be just fine. She would have her transplant and I would go home and have B and by mid summer we would be looking back with relief that the worst part was over.

On the Friday following my departure however, my sister called to tell me things had taken a turn for the worst. A lesion on my mothers spine had become infected and was ravaging her already frail body. With the new infection classified as untreatable, she became ineligible for the transplant we had all patiently and desperately waited for.

Without the transplant, her ability to live beyond the life support was impossible. Because of the infection; suppressing her immune system for a transplant would cause the infection to kill her. No matter what her doctors did, they couldn't save her.

That Sunday I had my final chance to tell my mom over the phone that I loved her. It was devastating for both of us to know she would never meet the grandson she was so anxiously awaiting. She told me that she would be with us in spirit when he arrived and encouraged me to always share our giftedness and love for creativity with him.

The next day, April 4th, my mom passed away peacefully. I wasn't able to return home to be with her that day; I was too far along to fly anymore. As I sat in the nursery rocker crying into the blanket my mom had sent for B, I looked around at all the amazing things we had made for his nursery and I knew that the Little B + Me shop had to happen.

It took me several months since B's arrival to start up the shop. But it's the one thing that B and I will share in my mom's honor as he grows over the years. All of the items in the shop are inspired by the love and dedication my mom had for her own Etsy shop 2 Hearts Desire.

One of my favorite quotes of all time by Yogi Desai hangs in B's nursery and reads: "Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way." This epitomizes the way my mom lived her life and the same love goes into each piece I produce for Little B + Me.

I really hope that you love our shop and your purchase brings a smile to your face!

You can also still check out my mom's shop 2 Hearts Desire thanks to my little sister Lacie. She has grown the shop beautifully and has been proudly featured on the Today Show and with Pottery Barn Kids.

No doubt mom is smiling down knowing that we're continuing her legacy with Etsy!
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